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I am the founder of TLG Ministries and a follower of Jesus Christ. Over the years my compassion for the hurting and needy in this world has deepened within me. Over the years of serving the Lord I have had the privilege to serve a wide range of ways. Some of those are; a mentor, consultant, connector of ministries, public speaker, teacher and author, through this work my eyes have been opened even further to the need to bring awareness to organizations that bring strength to the foster care system. 

This has brought me to write my book, A Natural Child in a Foster Care Home, which shares part of my childhood of growing up with foster children coming through our doors highlighting the work that took place both in their lives and in mine. 

I now use my book to bring awareness to the many various ways people can get involved to reach the next generation even when they have limited available time. I do this through ‘We Care Events’ hosted by the body of Christ, business groups and connection groups. Feel free to browse my website for details on these events. I’d love to hear from you.


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Take a look into a world where foster children and natural children grow side by side, experiencing life and seeing some of those results. These real life experiences communicate the interactions that display true feelings, failures and achievements.

Tanja offers an honest look at the struggles and blessings that come along side foster families. I pray that others will read her book and step up to be hope and love for foster children.’ - Book Review


We Care Events

We Care Events are public events where we look into a world where foster children and natural children grow up side by side. We also share with you the many ways you can get involved in Foster Care. If you’re interested in bringing a We Care Event to your church or community, simply request more information by calling, or completing our contact form below.


Summer 2019

‘We were blessed to have Tawnya Gregory speak on behalf of the Foster Care opportunities that are available for famlies of the church to get involved with. Her presentation was excellent. Tawnya is a great speaker with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Her charisma is contagious about her relationship with God and the needs of foster care.’

Pastor Dale Hazard - Augusta Assembly of God



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